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Deep Retrofit

Dunedin’s first Structural Insulated Panel Home

Progress is going well on what we believe is Dunedin’s first true Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) house. While there are one or two houses in Dunedin constructed using freezer panels, this is the first home constructed using a one of a new range of high quality SIP building systems which have ...

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Thermal Bridging

A thermal bridge in the context of construction is an area of the building envelope which has significantly higher heat transfer that the surrounding materials. In broad terms there are two types of thermal bridges to watch out for. There are material thermal bridges and there are geometrical thermal bridges. Material ...

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What is Passivhaus?

In the early 90’s a German physicist named Wolfgang Fiest was told by German building industry professionals that they had tried adding more insulation to buildings, but that it hadn’t had any impact on the building performance. This idea offended the physicist’s scientific sensibilities so much that he and a ...

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