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Architype is a New Zealand Institute of Architects practice which specialises in the design of elegant Passivhaus and low energy residential and community architecture.

Our Approach

At Architype we believe that good design is worth the effort. We know that building is an expensive business and to us it just makes sense to put the effort in at the design stage to carefully think through the design and develop solutions which, once constructed, will provide a lifetime of delight for the building users.

We also know that, “delight” is more than just good space planning and elegant building form, it is also about the long term and comfort and energy efficiency of the building. At Architype our focus is on creating buildings which provide warm, healthy and affordable environments for building users.

However comfort and low running costs is not something that can be added on at the end of the design process. When understood properly these factors will influence almost every key architectural decision.

What we do differently

That’s why at Architype, in addition to considering important traditional architectural issues like: context, views, town planning, entry, public and private space, circulation and orientation, we add additional design considerations to the mix. These include: favouring compact building forms, appropriate distribution and shading of windows, continuity in insulation, draught proof construction, thermal bridge free detailing and ventilation strategies.

We believe that an understanding of building science and a passion for good design should go hand in hand.

Our projects employ a range of high performance building systems and components including high performance timber framing, various types of structural insulated panels, insulated concrete forms, PVCu windows, European timber windows and ventilation systems with heat recovery.

We love to work with clients who are informed and see the value in building better.

Building Information Modelling

Probably the most powerful tool for the development and communication of projects is BIM modelling software. ‘BIM’ stands for Building Information Modelling. Using this powerful software a virtual model of each project is created from which all of the drawings are derived. Change a door on one drawing and it changes in every drawing. As the project progresses from the intial concept design to detailed design, more and more information is added to the model creating a more and more complete reflection of the final building. We are able to export files to our clients who can explore the design in 3D on their own computer or tablet. More than ever before this has allowed our clients to visualise and understand their projects before any work begins on site. Not only has this improved communication but it also results in fewer changes on site.

We can also leverage the digital model to quickly create additional deliverables like sun studies, energy modelling, schedules and promotional material.

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