Progress is going well on what we believe is Dunedin’s first true Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) house. While there are one or two houses in Dunedin constructed using freezer panels, this is the first home constructed using a one of a new range of high quality SIP building systems which have recently become available in New Zealand.

We currently have a number of SIPs projects on the drawing board using a range of different SIP systems however this project uses a product called Magroc which is manufactured in Christchurch.

The project was designed by Architype in collaboration with Maria Callau of Sur Architecture. Dan Wier Builders have been contracted to do the build.

SIPs First Walls

The 265mm Structural Insulated Panel floor is now complete sitting on timber piles and bearers. The floor boast a staggering R value of 6.7 or a U value of 0.15. Engineered timber I joists have been fitted between each floor panels perpendicular to the bearers to provide additional strength. The panels arrived on site pre-notched making the assembly process relatively straight forward for Dan and his team even though this was their first time installing the product.

SIPs Underfloor

One of the great things about this floor system, (other the speed of installation and airtightness) is that it comes prefinished on the underside meaning that even on sites where the underside of the house will be visible the floor still looks really tidy.


SIPs Wall Thickness

The wall plates which were installed yesterday are 190mm thick due to the thickness of the wall panels which will fit over them. The finished walls of this home will have an R value of 5.4 or a U value of 0.18 making them about 4 times warmer than your standard code built wall and incredibly airtight.


SIPs Wall Erection


Dan and his team installing the first wall panels. The module of the windows and the panels have been designed to minimise waste and reduce the need to cut panels onsite.